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Bowie’s Best Athlete of the Week

Bowie’s Best Athlete of the Week

This week’s Bowie’s Best Athlete of the Week is Da’Marcis Franklin of New Boston. This week’s Bowie’s Best Athlete of the Week is Jeffery Pierce of New Boston, Texas. Jeffery is a 2009 graduate of New Boston High School. The 36-year-old athlete began participating in the Special Olympics games when the team was first formed in 2003. His spring track and field events are the 4 by 100 meter relay, 50 meter dash and the softball throw. He also plays outfield for the fall softball games. Outside of the Special Olympics, he plays softball for the Opportunities Slammers in Texarkana. Jeffery loves spending time with his brother and sister-in-law as well as his nieces, playing darts and pool and listening to his step-dad, Steve Roberts, in any band he plays with. He also enjoys seeing his girlfriend, Karen Hall, who he met through day programs at Opportunities, Inc. He says his mom, who he lost in February of this year, was his favorite person. “I have loved my mom all my life. She was a good support to me,” Jeffery said. Jeffery says his favorite part of participating in the games is hanging out with his friends, making new friends and seeing old friends from the other teams.


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