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Joniisms to last a lifetime

Joniisms to last a lifetime

It has been just about three months since my friend Judge Joni Tidwell Haldeman left this place for a much better one. Her passing left a whole in the world that simply can’t be filled. This week I decided to recall our conversations and went back through some of the 12 years of messages I shared with her. I was quickly reminded of the deep wisdom that she possessed, and the often blunt and unabbreviated opinions that she held that helped guide me as a journalist and human being. Some were hilarious, some dead serious, but all memorable. What follows is a very small sampling, and I will share more another time.

Smart ways to invest in bonds

Most investors are aware of the different types of stocks: big-company, small-company, technology, international and so on. And it may be a good idea to own a mix of these stocks as part of your overall investment portfolio. But the importance of diversification applies to bonds, too — so, how should you go about achieving it?


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