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Not really sure why, but that is the word that most comes to my mind these days when I think about the state of the world, the things that seem to be so important to so many, and the things that become buzz words and sound bites for the morning news and social media.

Someone I like a whole bunch recently took some time off of social media, and came back refreshed, with a new outlook and a renewed sense of purpose. It seems to me, we should all do that from time to time.

Trivial just seems to be the best word to describe all of the thousands of things floating around that foster hashtags, Instagram posts, tabloid headlines and talk radio conversations. You know, things like the Kardashians, fashion trends, whatever “save the something” that might be trending, and the never ending drivel that is politics.

I have no love for MAGA ball caps, nor do I follow him on Twitter where he is so loquacious, but President Donald Trump is my president, and I will respect that office. I have no hate for Nancy Pelosi, former President Barack Obama, or any other that may be on the other side of the aisle from our current president, but you will not see me bashing them publicly either.

I do believe passionately in the American way of life, and the American way of doing things, and I will defend those virtues with my Constitution given freedom of speech until the day breath leaves me, and freedom of speech belongs to you as well. I just wonder sometimes if we lose sight of how precious that freedom is, and let it become a get out of jail free card for every sort of hatespeak, dirt slinging, foul mouthed, self-absorbed witticism that we feel we are entitled to, despite who it may be directed at or offend.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those who keeps a list of a hundred things that is not politically correct. But, I am one that reads a book called the Bible, and from some of the things I read and videos I am seeing these days, more people might want to try not only reading it, but living by it.

Lots of books have come across my desk over the years. I am listening to an Audible book right now on climate change that would make your hair curl and drive you to start digging a fallout shelter, but no book has ever had more purpose than the Bible.

You can stop reading now if you are easily offended by morals, precepts, or just good old fashioned decency.

It is that good old fashioned decency that we are needing a whole lot more of these days.

It is a travesty how people who want to call themselves Christians are treating others. Neighbors, friends, family, fellow church members…no one is safe these days from getting blasted for nothing more than having an opinion.

All I really want to say is, what Bible do you read? What God do you serve? What cause are you really trumpeting while you are out there beating yourself on the chest, pumping yourself up, belittling others and causing discord.

I mean, who really cares who is a Democrat, or Republican or Liberal or Conservative or anything else. I know He doesn’t.

It pains me when I see people who I call friends bashing other people who I call friends, because one wears a red hat and the other wars a blue one. It makes me cringe wondering how my friend that is getting bashed must feel, and how they are able to stay silent and not retaliate. Or worse, they do retaliate.

The Bible says in Phillipians, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Wouldn’t it be cool if politicians would just turn in their paper work to run for office, say, “okay God, I am running, your will be done. Use me as you see fit.”

Or, get this, what if all of the tv commercials, radio spots and yard signs just said, “Vote Jesus.”

Naïve I know. But a guy can dream.

Make Jesus Great Again


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