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A Trail of Chaos

Some days, I bring a trail of chaos to the journey, like last Sunday.

See, I called the local hospitals to find a friend who’s sick—and it turned out she was at the second hospital. But I was sitting in the parking lot of the first choice. Thus, I had to take a drive across town.

I caught myself saying the room number out loud, but by the time I parked my car—I forgot the number. So I phoned the operator at the hospital again, and the friendly woman remembered me—and she said, “Did you write it down this time?”

“No, but I’ve got it. I’m just outside.” I proceeded inside the hospital, entering through the emergency room. I followed the signs, taking a hallway, hopping an elevator, going down some stairs, and then I went back up.

I finally entered another hallway, and moved toward the elevator, and rode it to the right floor, after hitting down and then going up. (Maybe, that’s not quite how it happened, but the walk to ICU was that chaotic).

Finally, I found the ICU waiting room, and got two ladies to help me, who showed me how to use the phone on the desk, and I heard another nice voice, one that held the power to get me inside ICU.

So, good news! My friend is doing so much better, but I have some advice for the nurse who came in with two lunch trays while I was praying, because she announced mid-prayer. “I have lunch. Who gets the chocolate cake?”

That’s right; it’s hard to concentrate when someone shouts ‘chocolate’ during a prayer—but I finished, and then the nurse apologized more than once. (My friend had a visitor who was apparently eating with her, thus two trays.)

But more good news, I also missed the commotion in the emergency room, as they went into lockdown right after I came through the area. People were moved from emergency, even patients, since it could have been dangerous, due to a situation.

I received an escort part of the way by another nice nurse (she wasn’t sure if someone had a gun or a knife in emergency and she was looking out for me) who made sure I was safely out of harms way. Which meant more hallways!

And guess what, even with all the distractions and hallways and locked doors and elevators; even now, I can still remember that room number. However I probably couldn’t find the room again—but I’ve been there once—and they serve chocolate cake!

Hey, I think it’s worth me trying one more time, because cake sounds pretty good about now—I wonder if they have any left!

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