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Purple Reign

We are all coming to the close of 2020, a year that most everybody would like to put behind us, and forget. And for sure, this has been a pretty tough year for most of us. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, one that seems to be getting worse instead of better, and there really is no end in sight.

It has been a year of tough decisions, tough situations, and a year of changes. We here in our little part of the world have witnessed the worst, and we have seen the best. We have seen up close the worst parts of humanity, and then saw how we have the ability to show our deepest compassion to those who have suffered the greatest loss imaginable.

Now, in 2021, maybe it is time we see our greatest changes.
And, let’s face it, there are so many things that need to be changed.
The biggest change, and one that needs to be done immediately, is for everybody to start taking this virus seriously. I readily admit that I did not do that at the beginning back in the spring, but you can bet I am now. You should be too. If we are ever going to get past it, people are simply going to have to start adhering to the guidelines for social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks. Period.

Another change that I would like to see is maybe not so much a change, but a call to action.
In a recent column in this space, I showed you a picture of a new guardrail installed out on a dusty county road near Chili Flats. That is a spot in the road that will be remembered for a long time. Since I wrote that column, I have received more than a few calls and messages about it.
While there is likely no one that isn’t glad to see that curve is now better equipped, the prevailing sentiment seems to be that there is a lot more curves out there in our county that hold the same peril.

So, here’s what I’m thinking.
Let us put together a list of those curves. Those of you who live on a road, take a road to work or school, or just happen to know of a place in the road that needs attention, let me know. Send me an email and give me a location, tell me where the danger lies, and let’s come up with a list that we can take to our county commissioners. I know for a fact that our county commissioners would much rather address these bad spots and correct the problems, than have another tragedy. They probably know where some bad spots are too; they work our roads. Let’s ask them to join our effort to make our roads safer.

It is time for us to be more proactive. We, the people, each and every one of us, have a voice. We need to use our voices to make our world a better place, even if it is just a little better. Putting up guardrails, adding a little dirt, or even just some reflectors, is a small price to pay to lessen the chance of another tragic loss.

Finally, one more change. I know this change is more like a pipedream. I know it is the most unlikely of the changes I would like to see, but here it is.
Let’s all go colorblind. Just in the political realm anyway. Or maybe, let’s just see different colors. Purple has always been my favorite color. If you mix red and blue, and mix it well where you can’t see one or the other, you get purple. If only we could rid the division, blend together, in a more perfect union, and just be purple.

We’ve seen our community come together during times of pain and adversity, let’s see our community come together, just for the hell of it.

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