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Memories and Reflections

Golden Churches Note: This is the next in a new series of articles.Some of them will deal with personal experiences. In this new series to the Tribune, Dr. Howard commits to tell the events exactly as they happened, no exaggeratiion or fabrication. I remember the first time that I went to Moscow. The first thing that impressed me greatly was the very large and signs usually perhaps 10 x 20’ in size that announced that the local factory of some element of the industry was promising to fulfill the glorious five year plan that had been set for them. This was a great show at the effort to hide the fact that they were in fact short of everything and were looking to the United States for help. This was the year that Nixon went to Moscow and promised a lot of grain. A worker at the airport had jumped at one lady in our group and scared the wits out of her. She got over that and we continued on to a very pleasant visit which included seeing Pres. Nixon and when he arrived at Moscow. As I mentioned in a previous article someone was filming the arrival of Nixon. That film ended up on the Internet and I got a copy of it and it in fact shows the group that I was in although there is no specific recognition possible.


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