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Holding On to the Hope

These were good girls

There are no words to say today, that will help. There are no cliches, no platitudes, and no verses that can heal the pain.
Make no mistake, these were good girls. These were girls that were good students, good athletes and good daughters. These were girls that were not known as troublemakers. These were girls that very recently stood on a field at homecoming. These were girls that very recently contributed to their teams having great seasons. These were girls that were cheerleaders and pageant queens. These were girls that were set to be in this paper this week with all-district accolades.

Our community has suffered much loss in recent days. Too much loss. There is but one glimpse of sunshine, one ray of hope. That hope comes from the knowledge that those who have left us are in a better place. They are in a place free of the troubles of this life, and free of the challenges that we have to face here.
I sit here at my desk and I try to reason it out, but there is no reasoning. Only hope.
There were candlelight vigils this week to honor the lives of these three young ladies, that have left us too soon. Each were beautiful memorials and tearful goodbyes. We can all sit around and ponder why. We can go back and forth trying to find a way to make things like this not happen. We can second guess decisions made and we can look for answers, but there are none to find.

The very difficult truth in what happened this past weekend is this. Katie Jo, Megan and Ashlin are no longer here with us, and we are left with memories of lives too short. For their families, there is no consolation. This is the time when we, as a community, wrap our arms of love around each one and give them our hearts, because theirs are breaking. 

It is my solemn prayer today that the families will find some kind of comfort in the outpouring of love and concern. And, I pray that God, in His infinite wisdom, would have mercy on us all and show us that our greatest need is to know that we all need to get our hearts and lives in a place where we can one day see our loved ones again.

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