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Who Called You by Name?

Who Called You by Name?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worried about something. I don’t know about anyone else, but there are times when I struggle with anxious thoughts, and I tend to be a worrywart. Maybe your mind automatically jumps to how a situation will become a catastrophe, and you struggle with the replay in your mind. For you, if it rains, a giant storm looms on the horizon, and you worry it might flood the area. If a boss wants to meet with you, fretting gives way to panic. If someone doesn’t answer a phone call or text, you convulse with anxiety that the person must be hurt or worse.

Letters to the Editor

November 22, 2022 Letter to the Editor: I attended a meeting on September 13th that featured Bowie County A=Election Administrator as the Speaker. The Speaker asked if there were any questions. Someone asked about the election. The Speaker said everything was good. I raised my hand and asked about the Judge on the Westend that brought her box in very late. He denied this. I said I was listening in the Court. He said he was also and it didn’t happen. I said I was there and the Ballot Box was not locked. It had been cut or broken open.


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