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NB council hears about the success of the new 3 Bostons Museum

The New Boston City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at City Hall. All council members were present, as was city secretary Darla Faulknor, city attorney Mike Brock, and Chief of Police Garry McCrary. Kelly Branson led the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance. Mr. Ken Betts spoke in open forum, inquiring about the progress of the removal of an abandoned building on South Bowie Street. Mayor Branson told Betts the city code enforcement officer would contact him as soon as possible with an update.

On the consent agenda, there was some discussion about corrections to minutes of previous meetings, as well as questions about the bid process of a recent bleacher project at the fields at Tapp Park. It was unanimously approved to accept the consent agenda with corrections.

Jane Hanna presented a quarterly report to the council on 3 Bostons Museum, highlighting the large numbers of visitors for the quarter, as well as giving a description of the progress of decorating the museum for the holiday season.

The council unanimously approved an amendment of the municipality’s zoning ordinance, at the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission, changing a 17.020 acre tract of land north of I-30 on Highway 8 from Multi Family District to Commercial District.

Jewell Shaw addressed the council, requesting a reduction on the payoff of a lien on property he purchased on Pearlie Street. After discussion, it was decided that Councilman Richard Ellis and Councilman David Turner would meet with Mr. Shaw and negotiate a fair settlement.

Stokes and Associates, Inc. was approved for engineering consulting services for the 2019-20 Texas Community Block Program Grant Program. The council then recessed into a brief executive session to discuss pending litigation regarding the City of New Boston vs. Sinha Hospitality, LLC and Sunny Sinha. Upon return to open session, it was determined no action would be taken by the council at that time.

The council received required certificates from newly-appointed Councilman Bill Eggenburger for Open Meetings Act and Public information Act Training. They also heard a status report on city employee signing of the updated Personnel Policies and Procedure Manual.

Councilman Joe Dike requested that the council develop policy for city projects to be discussed before initiated. It was decided that Councilman Dike and Councilman David Turner, both on the budget committee, would meet before the council’s monthly meetings to discuss projects, then present a report at the following meeting.

Also approved unanimously was the adoption of the Discipline Alternative Education Program contract with New Boston ISD for the current year, pending updates and modifications by the school district.

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