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DeKalb Municipal Court to hold Warrant Roundup

The De Kalb Police Department and the De Kalb Municipal Court will once again participate in the annual Great Texas Warrant Round-up. Law enforcement agencies across Texas will be joining together to actively serve outstanding arrest warrants beginning March 9th, 2019.
If you have unpaid citations or an active warrant(s), you need to contact the courts before you are greeted by law enforcement at your front door or place of employment. Under Texas Law, individuals that appear before a court and make a good faith effort to resolve their outstanding Class C warrants are afforded safe harbor and not subject to arrest.
For those with Capias Pro fine warrants, if you have not appeared for a Show Cause hearing, one will be held, at the time of your appearance, so that you may request additional time to conclude your business with the court.
The 2019 Warrant Round-up, with arrests being made, will begin on the 9th of March. Please be advised, warrants may be served at any time, any place. Take this opportunity to close your business with the De Kalb Municipal Court.
The De Kalb Municipal Court has warrants of arrest for violators of State and Local laws. A warrant does not indicate guilt or innocence. It is a means of bringing a defendant before the court to answer charges. Not all violators are listed in our FB post, such as those from out-of-state or out of surrounding counties. There are others that have made arrangements with the Court concerning payment of fines. To violators, just because you do not see your name, does not reflect your status. Names will be added in the near future. If you think you may have business with the De Kalb Municipal Court, please call 903-667-3846, ext. 3. 
Until Thursday, the 28th day of February, at 5 pm, the fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each warrant will be dismissed for those that appear before the court and enter a plea of guilt or No Contest on their citations. A payment plan, with a minimal initial payment, and other options are available for those unable to pay the entire amount due.
Our current warrant list includes:
Ashley Tramine Betts, De Kalb; Paul Michael Clark, De Kalb; Tatanisha Gray Clark, De Kalb’; Christopher Brian Davis, De Kalb; David Alexander Davis, De Kalb; Jennifer Dawn Goodwin, De Kalb; Kenneth Paul Gray, De Kalb; James Michael Hankins, De Kalb; Michael Dale Kemp, De Kalb; Barry Craig Knight, De Kalb; Jamie Nichole Lawson, De Kalb; Kibbie Obensoskey, De Kalb; Alex C. Page, De Kalb; Jermese Reid, De Kalb; Peggy Sue Roy, De Kalb; Scott Quentin Stires, De Kalb, Tashesha Stephens, De Kalb; Gerald A Stevenson, De Kalb; Robert Patrick Taylor, De Kalb, Jerry Lynn Trimm, De Kalb; Jessica Kathleen Venezio, De Kalb; Amber Lynn Warren, De Kalb; Monique Lashay Watson, De Kalb; Joshua Alton Wharton, De Kalb, Tara Williams, De Kalb; Michael Wyse, De Kalb
Leorn Brown, De Kalb; William Dennis Burgess, De Kalb/Texarkana; Justin Daniel Culpepper, De Kalb/Dallas; Kenneth Dwayne Durham, De Kalb/Clarksville; Cedric Markieth Wade, New Boston; Marquaylon Wickerson, De Kalb’ David Andrew Williams, De Kalb.
Ja’corre Ashanae Ford, De Kalb/Euless; Melanie Dawn Barton, last given residence: Avery; Devontra Forte, Clarksville; Thomas Allen Lewis, Avery; Katrina K. Scales, Annona; Yolantha R. White, De Kalb; Brittnee Kashale Williams, De Kalb; Ja’corre Ashanae Ford, De Kalb/Euless; Pamela Leeann Anderson, Avery; Melanie Dawn Barton, last given residence: Avery;  Devontra Forte, Clarksville; Thomas Allen Lewis, Avery; Daniel Blaze Rich, De Kalb; Katrina K. Scales, Annona; Yolantha R. White, De Kalb; Brittnee Kashale Williams, De Kalb
Michalion Freeman Assmer, New Boston; William E. Bellinger, Texarkana; Alicia Michelle Barnett, Texarkana; Layotia Ricks Bell, Texarkana; Robert Charles Bishop, Texarkana;  Jennifer Brem, Texarkana; James A. Chambliss, Hooks; Kechelle Lashun Dansby, Texarkana; Christopher L. Hall, New Boston; Mica Glenn Hammonds, Hooks; Paul Lester Ingram, Simms; Judson Tucker Johns, New Boston; Cory Rashard King, New Boston; Johnny Lee Pierce, Hooks/Wake Village; Lellar Denise Raschke, Hooks; Ashley D. Resendez-Phelps, Avery; Cody Ryan Robinson, Hooks; Anthony Wayne Walker Jr., Wake Village


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