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Beautification the focus of New Boston council meeting

“...We need to focus on positivity.”-- NB Chamber of Commerce Board member Caleb Stephens

The New Boston City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 was packed with presentations from from people whose goal was all the same  - to make New Boston beautiful.

Kathy Boyles is a grant consultant with the HOME Program, a Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs grant program, funded by The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  She explained just how beneficial the HOME Program could be to a town like New Boston.  

Under this grant, qualifying residents that live in substandard housing will receive a grant to tear their existing home down and a new one will be built at no cost.  The city will have a 5% match requirement, which can be fulfilled with the demolition of the existing home.  The city can apply to be a participant in this program at any time.  

Doug Simms, Public Sector Solutions Manager at Waste Management spoke to the Mayor and Council about a possible change from bagged trash pickup to poly carts.  

These 96 gallon carts would be provided to every city trash customer at no charge, and would allow for trash to be picked up once weekly, instead of twice.  Besides the aesthetic value of keeping trash bags and litter off of the city streets, several other benefits were noted.  Simms explained that the carts are safer for his employees, as they are emptied by a remote arm attached to the garbage truck, and eliminate the need for anyone to be in the street.  The carts have been shown to keep household waste drier, eliminating pest and bug problems, and have a secured lid to keep out animals.   The cart system is also more economical, thus passing less cost on to the customer.   The Council was given information packets on the program to review so that a decision could me made at a later date.

The Council also heard from New Boston Chamber of Commerce board member Caleb Stephens, who encouraged the city’s participation in a new program to be sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  The Adopt-a-Street Program would allow local businesses to adopt a city street, and place a sign bearing the name of their business on that street.  The business would then be responsible for periodically picking up trash and keeping the street looking nice and clean.  “With all the negativity going on now, we need to focus on positivity,” Stephens told the Council.  “We all want to make our town pretty, and this is a good way to do it, while building a sense of community.”   The Council agreed to begin compiling a list of streets that need the most attention so that the Chamber Board can go forward with this project. 

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