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Free to share God’s love

Free to share God’s love

I met D., an inmate, and he’s writing a book in prison, and his words rang true about treasuring the day and the hour and living purposefully. He uses a typewriter and worries about editing versus just getting it written since he’s afraid to use up the ribbons. However, after our latest chat, he’s on his way. The visit with him also encouraged my heart as he spoke about making the most of every moment.

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The Possible in the Impossible

I drove to a friend’s apartment, a formerly homeless woman who now spreads kindness from her doorstep and the corner of her small yard. And I often leave scripture cards for her to give to the homeless, meal cards, hand warmers, water, tarps, hoodies, and even hygiene items. Even before she moved from the woods, a part of her day included giving to others.

Be Who You Are

I have a friend who collects vintage jukeboxes. It’s really cool. When I’m at his house, we can go to his mancave, where they line the walls, and pick any song we want to hear. They all work and they are all packed with classic country and rock ’n roll records. One entire jukebox is dedicated solely to Elvis Presley.

Paper in the Wind

Paper in the Wind

Sandy’s face grew red and her eyes watered as she wept, talking to me outside church, right before the service. She said, “I’m not able to hear from God. I haven’t been able to hear from Him in so long.” I prayed with her, asking the Lord to open her heart to the messages, those she’d hear from her pastor. As service proceeded inside, the lesson from Exodus 14, with the story of the Israelites who were ‘in-between’, and facing a sea of water—the Red Sea, kept my attention. After all, they were escaping, or hoping to, the Egyptian army who trailed them.


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