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NB grad looking for stardom

Music talent in East Texas just continues to show up, one artist after the other. This artist happens to be just a little different than the rest though. 

Victor Sanchez is a 2018 New Boston High School graduate. He was heavily involved in the high school band and was even part of the marching band that placed eighth at state for New Boston High School in 2017. These days Victor is making music in a different style as  part of ‘Tengo Talento Much Talento’. 

Tengo Talento Mucho Talento is a singing competition that is aired on Estrella TV, Dish channel 852 and DirecTV channel 442, that is centered around Latino music. Those that know Victor say  it is no surprise that he is successful in the things that he does. Former teacher, Dena May had this to say about Victor, “He has got a strong connection to family and has always been a hard worker.”

Being on a national televised music competition has to be pretty amazing, and for Victor it has been. He says, “I started watching the show about three years ago or more. I was still in high school when I started watching it. Growing up I loved Hispanic music and singing it, but being from New Boston a lot of my friends did not listen to it. Nothing was wrong with that; it was just different from the music they listened to. Once I got to college, a lot of the friends that I ended up surrounding myself with did listen to that type of music, so I got to listen to it even more. Well, at the end of the last season of the show they released instructions on how to audition for the show. I had never thought about trying to audition for the show, but after seeing how to audition, I decided that I was going to give it a try. I had to send in a video of me singing a song for the first part of the audition, and then for a second part of it I had to do a Zoom meeting with some people from the show. It started out with more than 1,500 people who auditioned and got cut down a tremendous amount for the auditions that made it on TV. A few weeks ago, I received a call telling me that I would be flying out to Los Angeles to audition for the show on TV. They paid for everything to get me there and back home. I made it past the elimination round and have moved on to the quarter finals. The competition will continue to go on until the winners have been chosen. In the past, there has only been one winner, but this year there are going to be five winners who will receive $20,000 and a deal with Sony Entertainment as well. This has been an amazing time for me and I look forward to moving forward in the competition.”

Viewing the show may be not possible for some people who do not have DirecTV or Dish, especially with Estrella TV not being on a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu. 

Tengo Talento Mucho Talento is very active on all of their social media platforms though according to Victor, “Many people may not be able to watch the show on TV so the best way for them to watch videos of it would be on their Facebook page or Instagram page. For non-Spanish speaking people though, it still may be a bit confusing with the entire show being in Spanish. If you want to find them on Instagram it is ‘tengotalentomuchtalento’ and on Facebook it is ‘Tengo Talento Much Talento’. I will be active on my Instagram and Facebook with videos and updates from the show as well. On Facebook you can find me at ‘Victor Sanchez’ and on Instagram you can find me at ‘@that_mexican_guy_you_know’.”

Victor has had plenty of people behind him who have supported him along the way and he notes, “My family and my friends have been there for me the entire time and are always doing all they can to help. Without them I could not be where I am. Also, my college and college professors at Texas A&M - Commerce have been amazing. They have told me that they understand that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and want me to be able to go for it. I am also a student teacher at Mount Pleasant ISD as I am going to college to be a Spanish teacher and a coach as well. MPISD has been amazing as well. They have said the same thing that my professors have said, and they want to be able to help me and support me.”

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