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The importance of giving

Knowing the importance of giving is an important lesson. The Simmons family likes to teach their kids the importance of giving during the holidays instead of just receiving. So much so that eleven year old Blair Simmons loves to give to the elderly in the area with the help of her mom and family.

Blair and her mom Kayla Simmons have started a tradition that they hope to be able to continue for quite some time according to Kayla, “Three years ago, Blair and I decided that we wanted to go around New Boston and give a few things to some of the elderly. We try to think of different things to give them each year. The first year we did throw blankets, the next we did games, puzzles, and magazines, and then this year we did staple items such as soup, cheeses, fresh baked bread, and some other things. For the most part we like to go into low income areas to pass out the items. I wanted to do something so that my kids would think more about giving instead of getting. Generally we try to do about 15  homes. That is not a lot, but it is able to help out a little to some people and just be able to give. We just pack them up in little gift bags or baskets, and then the week before Christmas or the week of, we will go around town and I will let Blair pass them out.” Blair even gets to visit with some of them and says that handing them is not always the only thing that happens, “Some of the people we take things too like to sit there and talk for a little bit as well.”

Teaching kids at a young age to be giving is a great thing, and Kayla had a few things to say about Blair in that respect, “Blair has always been extremely thoughtful and kind. She loves to be able to give and help others. She does not really ask for a whole lot herself because she genuinely enjoys helping others and giving. So when I decided that I wanted to get my kids into doing this, Blair embraced it very quickly, and enjoys helping. Really embracing the memory making that we do each year.”


In the photo, Blair Simmons spent her Christmas break leaving smiles, and care packages, for many of the elderly residents of New Boston.

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