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Feral hogs an ever growing nuisance in NE Texas

Feral hogs have been a problem in Texas and in this part of the country for quite some time now. While many people are able to shoot the hogs where they stand, for some it is not quite so easy. Local Game Warden Daniel Kessler had a few things to say about that issue.

 “As far as Game Wardens are concerned, there is no state law against shooting hogs, but a lot of the bigger cities in Bowie County have city ordinances that prohibit the discharge of firearms within the city limits.”
For some people who live in the city this could be a little challenging with hogs destroying their yards, driveways, and land. With someone living in city limits there are honestly not a lot of options that they have according to Game Warden Kessler. 
“If you do live in a city in which you are not allowed to discharge a firearm, then there are just a few options that you have. You can put up a fence around the property that you are trying to protect from getting destroyed, you can also put up an electric ‘fence’, or for those that neither of these are an option, you can trap the hogs. While a lot of people do not have a hog trap, I have heard of some people offering to come set up traps and trying to trap them for you. So, if you cannot build a fence or set a trap, I would try to see if you could find someone on social media who would be willing to help you.”

Hunting hogs is a big thing for a lot of people in this area, and for those that have not done it, there are a few things that you may want to know regarding the laws.
Game Warden Kessler states, “If you are hunting hogs, it is pretty easy to do so. If you are on private property that you have permission to hunt on, whether it be your own or someone else’s who has given you permission to hunt, you are not required to have a hunting license to hunt or trap. There is not a hunting season so you can hunt them all year long with there being no limit. However, if you are on public property, you are required to have a hunting license to hunt.”

Feral hogs can be a major nuisance for people, and for some it is even harder to get rid of them with city ordinances. If you do not live in the city limits and you are on private property, feel free to shoot them or trap them, but if you do live in the city limits please check with the city to make sure that there are no ordinances against it. For more information involving hunting law or for more information, you can visit the Game Warden website at “”

In the photo, local businessman Caleb Stephens recently put a small dent in the ever growing feral hog population.

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