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Jury sends Parker to death row

A Bowie County jury took just a little over an hour today to announce a sentence in the capital murder trial of Taylor Parker. After reviewing some trial exhibits, the jury sentenced Parker to death following weeks of hearing all of the evidence in the brutal death of Reagan Hancock and her unborn child.

The sentence comes after the prosecution rested in the verdict phase of the trial. After the prosecution rested, the defense called several of Parker’s family members to the stand. Parker’s aunt testified that she knew of the fake pregnancy and immediately suspected Parker when she learned of the bomb threat at Titus Regional Medical Center.

Defense experts have testified that the situation that led to the murder of Hancock and her baby would be “impossible to re-create” in a prison setting, therefore deeming Parker no further threat.

Look to next week’s issue of the Bowie County Citizens Tribune for an in-depth look at the trial and commentary from those involved.

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