Maud High principal suspended pending investigation

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By Heather Russell
Staff Reporter

Local officials confirmed late Monday afternoon that Maud High School principal Scott Sanders has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.
Details to the nature of this investigation are unclear and Maud ISD Superintendent Chris Bradshaw declined to comment.  However, staff at the Tribune recently received evidence of a possible failure to report an inappropriate student/teacher relationship and possible cover up by Sanders and other school district officials that occurred back in late 2016. 
The evidence indicates that former Maud ISD coach/teacher Michael Freeman was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a Maud High School student over a period of undetermined time while on staff at Maud ISD. Evidence indicates that the relationship was discovered and halted, but Freeman was not reported to the Texas Education Agency or local law enforcement. He was then allowed to leave his employment at the Maud ISD and was later hired by the Clarksville ISD. Clarksville ISD terminated his contract just weeks into his employment there. 
As of today, Freeman’s teaching certificate shows to be valid but that he is currently under review by the TEA Educator Investigations Divisions. 
The evidence handed over to the Tribune included text messages, emails and a video related to the case. 
This evidence was turned over to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Department. An investigation based on that evidence is currently being conducted.
Sanders did not return a request for comment.
The Texas Legislature recently passed a bill creating stronger penalties for those who fail to report evidence of inappropriate student/teacher relationships. 
The new mandates require principals and superintendents to report inappropriate teacher-student relationships or face jail time and fines up to $10,000. 
The legislation also makes it mandatory that a teacher loses their license if they have to register as a sex offender.

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In the photo, Maud High School Principal Scott Sanders

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