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We all know that life is cyclical, what goes around comes around and all of that and we know that the so-called “circle of life” touches us all as it spins around.
This past weekend gave me an up close view of the spinning wheel, as on the same day, a friend said goodbye to our world and my daughter announced a new life was on its way.
It was a perfect picture of the circle of life as we sat around a happy, ecstatic family dinner table celebrating an early Thanksgiving with the news that my baby was having a baby and she and her husband would be receiving the biggest change to their lives next May. As we sat there, looking at sonogram pictures, I heard the sad news of Cindy Ross. 
Cindy, one of the sweetest ladies on the planet and a gifted writer and singer of songs, lost her battle with cancer on Saturday. Our community lost a bright light and a compassionate soul with her passing. Her life will be celebrated this week, and no doubt, she will be celebrating along with us as she sits at the throne of God.
The Bible says when we reach those streets of gold we will be known as we are known. There is little doubt in my mind that Cindy has made her presence known up in glory already, lifting her voice up in praises to Him, and shining that bright smile all around the place.
It was such a mix of emotions as we sat around that table weeping over the loss of our friend while at the same time weeping for the new life living inside my baby’s belly. Tears of sorrow mixed with tears of joy and it brought to mind that circle of life. One life ending, one beginning, both lives making an instant impact in their actions.
All of it makes me think how much all of our actions impact others on a daily basis. Cindy was often an impact on those needing her smile, as she tagged along with our friend Pam on excursions to care for the homeless and the victims of life’s battles. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there are lives going about today that are forever impacted by her smile and kindness.
Maybe we should think more about how our actions impact others? As they say, people might forget your words, but they will remember how you treated them.
Perhaps we should think harder about keeping calm when we hit those little bumps in the road and hold our tongues when the drive thru takes a little too long, our order isn’t right at the café, traffic backs up on the highway, etc, etc.
A kind word is always better than an angry one. Gentleness is always better than a temper tantrum and acts of love are far more preferred than acts of rage. We all just need to remember that when we have the choice between one or the other.
I remember when my wife was pregnant with our children, how I would sing to them and speak to them as if they were looking me in the eyes and could understand what I was saying. Well, I believe a life is a life and even a child inside a mother’s womb can tell the difference between words of love and words of anger.
Recently, in my home town, there were far too many unkind words spoken and folks were not talking to each other in a way that I would want a child to hear. They were not words of encouragement or wisdom, but rather, words of malice and words of derision. I wonder now, since the battle is over, will those words change to words of partnership, words of unity, or words of community? I hope so.
There will always be battles in life. There will always be times when we don’t agree with everyone else. There will always be times when we have the choice to speak in kindness, or the opposite.
What kind of example do we want to be for our children? What do we want our children to imitate? If a child sees kindness and compassion, it will learn those traits. If a child sees racism, hate and hears words of bitterness and anger, it will learn those traits too. I wonder how many times we wish we could take back our words? How many in DeKalb are glad their children don’t have Facebook?
The cool thing is, as I heard in a sermon this weekend, He is the God of Jacob too. We can put on our costumes and masks, we can pretend to be something we are not, and we can play the game for a while, but when we are ready, when we have our time of wrestling, we can then have our time of forgiveness.
Oh, and by the way, did I tell you…I am going to be a grandpa!

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