Prayers for Scott

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By Kenny Mitchell


It was a routine Friday night under the lights for a Texas high school football game. Two teams, the Maud Cardinals and the James Bowie Pirates were on the field doing what hundreds of other teams were doing that night, playing the game that is as ingrained in Texas life as BBQ and pickup trucks.

Then something went wrong and changed the lives of a young boy and his family forever.

Scott Akins was on that field playing for his Pirates. A good kid, loyal, funny and outgoing, Scott loves spending time with his family, working on big rigs with his dad, and he loves the game of football.

He was playing the game that he has always been passionate about when his life changed.

At some point during the game, Scott, #30 for the Pirates, took a hit that caused a brain bleed. There is no way of knowing when it happened, or how. Scott played almost the entire four quarters until he got hurt again later in the game. He was down on the field for a while but then made his way to the sidelines. He was still communicating at first, but then he went out and his body seized up.

Scott was rushed to St. Michael’s in Texarkana where a quick thinking doctor made the call to remove a large portion of the left side of his skull to drain the blood, stop the bleed and relieve the pressure.

Scott was then Angel airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas where he has now spent the last 12 days in ICU. His condition is very critical. He has yet to wake up, despite no longer being sedated or kept asleep medically, and the family says his prognosis is grim. The road ahead will be very long and hard. Today, he is fighting. His is struggling to control his body temperature and to breathe normally. Because of the nature of his injury, his temperature cannot be controlled with conventional medicines. A cooling blanket is being used to help.

Scott is a fighter, and he is fighting, but he needs help. Today, the family asks for one thing.


“We need prayers and positive thoughts to help keep Scotty fighting.” That is the only thing his family is asking for, and that is something all of us can give.

So, on behalf of his family, on behalf of this good kid Scott Akins, we ask you to pray and to share his story across the country to get others to pray. The power of prayer can move mountains, and #30 needs some mountains moved.

Just pray.


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