An Untied Country

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There are so many adjectives that could be used to describe the sport of football. So many young men, and I dare say, more than a few young girls, grow up dreaming of playing the sport. It is a part of the fabric of our lives here in the Untied States and for decades has been a mainstay in homes across the land on Friday nights, all day Saturday and again on Sunday.
Oops. Was that a typo? Odds are you think there was a typo in that last sentence. But, no sir, there was not. We are Un-Tied.
I do not care how integrated into our lives the game of football is, when it makes headline news and becomes the focal point of conversation, we are in a mess.
This past weekend, where were the headline news reports about how many of our soldiers were lost in Afghanistan and other military theatres last week? Where were the “trending” topics on social media about the homeless, healthcare reform, fires in Montana and across the west? Why was the lead story on the Today Show about the NFL and not the church shooting in Tennessee?
Closer to home, why was my Facebook feed littered with opinions on whether or not some stranger getting millions to play a boy’s game, instead of support and prayers for a boy that suffered a head injury playing that game?
I could give a flying fart about “keeping up” with a bunch of rich nobodies that got famous because their dad helped defend OJ, and I could care less about the spoiled housewives that live anywhere. We are untied as a country until we stop supporting, following and paying all of these useless, pointless, faceless people that have absolutely no bearing on our real lives.
Stop the madness.
That is all it takes. Stop watching. Stop buying tickets. Stop wearing their overpriced apparel. Quit paying $8 for a beer and $6 for a hotdog at the game and $50 just to park in their parking lot. Just stop.
And don’t say it can’t happen. Look at attendance already across the NFL. Stadiums are not selling out, people are not going to games and that trend needs to continue. Heck, the Chargers are already playing in a college stadium that only seats 20,000, and they can’t sell that out. 
Until we quit kneeling at the altar of quasi-heroes and self-appointed superstars like most of the overpaid professional athletes believes themselves to be, change will not come.
Oh, you say, we need our football, or baseball is as American as apple pie and Chevrolet. Ok then, go out on a Thursday or Friday night and watch some kids play the game simply because of the game. Support the local schools and buy their merch and eat their hotdogs and frito pies. Then at least you are supporting the schools and kids that live in your neighborhood and helping to provide an education that is far more important than a sneaker endorsement.
Ok, so let me change gears here and go back to this past Friday night.
Football fields across the area were lit up for Friday night lights. It was normal, hometown, small town Texas as the Bears and Tigers, Lions and Brahmas, Hornets, Dragons, Cardinals and Pirates all took to the field for one of the favorite Texas pastimes.
Except this week, out on that field in Maud, a young boy got hurt. It was one of those normal plays in a football game that ended up badly. It is what some say “a part of the game” and sadly, that is true, but it is one that none of us are ever ready for when it happens.
That simple play in a rivalry game between two schools just miles apart quickly turned in to so much more.
Today, a young man lays in a hospital bed in Little Rock. The news is hopeful, and to our credit, prayers and support are coming from all around. Those same two schools, rivals on the field that night, both had prayer services Monday for the young man and his family.
My prayers, and all of yours too, are for a complete recovery.
But here is my point.
Let us not waste any more time worrying about people that have no bearing on our lives. Let us turn our focus to home. Our families. Our churches. Our schools. Our people and our way of life.
After all, one of these days, every knee is going to bow. That is the day we really ought to be concerned with my friends. 

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