A stalker can be a good thing

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by Pam Kumpe

I met a stalker. Not a real stalker. Well, maybe she is a stalker. I’ll let you decide.
She drove up in front of my house last Friday evening, as I arrived home. And in the driveway, I waited inside my car, wondering and pausing, and glancing at the unfamiliar car in the rearview mirror parked behind me.
I thought the person in the SUV might go on, that maybe she was lost. But as soon as I stepped from my car, she stepped from her vehicle, strolling to the yard, meeting me. Face to face.
She smiled. I stopped. We both said hello.
She announced, “I’m not a stalker. Really, I’m not. I had driven up to the curb, back down the road at my mother-in law’s house when you drove by. Well, I was pretty sure it was your little blue car. So, I got back into mine and came to you. It was meant to be. God sent you by at that exact moment.”
Puzzled, I listened with keen ears.
She went on, “I have you on my list, for you to pray for me. I’ve watched your service at the recovery center with the ladies and with the homeless, and I know you’re a Christian. And I need prayer. “
She shared her illness, the seriousness of the situation, and her upcoming surgery, one that brings anxiousness to my heart as I type this post. A surgery taking place on June 19th.
My heart was reeled in like a new-friend-in-Christ stood before me, and I longed to comfort her. To pray for her, and right then!
So, yes, we started to pray right in the front yard, but only after we made sure we weren’t standing in any ants. Yes, I have ants who live and move and take over my yard at times. Which reminds me how fear or worry can bite and sting at us, too.
We held hands, prayed and I wept with her. We sought Christ, for healing, for comfort, and for support. We prayed for her faith to rise up beyond this situation. We also prayed for the doctors, too. For her family. And of course, for her!
So it seems, she has a list of “prayer warriors” written down on paper and she is seeking them out. You may have even had an encounter with her yourself. I love how she’s trusting the Lord with this season in her life. And she is praying to have a testimony beyond this sickness! Beyond this mass in her body!
I just have to say that being stalked “to pray” for someone is absolutely the best! And if you don’t mind, would you pray for her, too? Just lift up a precious young woman who lives in Bowie County. Her initials are KC.
God knows her need ... and He knows her name! And He knows she’s stalking folks to pray for her!



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