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Around about Mother’s Day, a month or so ago, I discovered that I was not the only one that doesn’t really care for that day, because not everyone has a great mother to brag about or send flowers. That was cool, I am always happy for those who do have wonderful moms and kinda enjoy reading about all of the good ones that are around.
But now it is Father’s Day, and it is a lot easier to swallow. I have a great dad, there are some creatures running around that call me dad, and think I am a pretty good one, and I know a lot of dang good dads that deserve a special day.
This year, as these words are going onto the page, my memory recalls a few dads that aren’t around anymore to be adorned with a new tie or given a fresh bottle of Aqua Velva.
My step dad John always comes to mind on Father’s Day. He was a hard working man all his life, taught me a lot,  and he came to know the love of Christ in the last years of his life. His walk with God was the real deal. He did a complete about face when he said “forgive me Lord” and was just a different man from head to toe. His repentance was so real that some days there was a glow coming off of him, no joke. Even the way he dealt with the cancer that took his life was filled with a testimony of what living for Christ should be.
Losing John took a chunk of my soul, and there is still a hole there today.
I am willing to bet it is like that for a lot of other sons and daughters this week, as the holiday rolls around and dad or grandpa isn’t here anymore.
A very close friend of mine, a brother, lost his dad just a few days ago. His dad served our country and will be laid to rest in the DFW Veterans Memorial Cemetery with a full military burial, sadly enough, the day after Father’s Day. It is unfathomable to me to think about my dad not being here, so I cannot even imagine how my buddy is going to deal with Father’s Day coming on the heels of his loss.
One thing I do know though is that my buddy is a strong guy. He will make it through not because he has a heart of stone, or because he is one of those macho guys that doesn’t cry. There has already been a bucket of tears and there will be thousands more. But,  he will make it through for the simple reason that he is a good dad himself.
He will be there for his kids, his wife, and the rest of his family. That is the kind of guy he is my friend. He will make it, one day at a time.
That is what it means to be a good dad I think. Being strong when you don’t want to be, giving of yourself when it would be so much easier not to, and sacrificing what is best for you, for the sake of your kids.
I have no use at all for deadbeat dads who might have the physical ability to make a child, but don’t have the character, will, sense or mettle to raise the child after it is born. It seems to me like there could be a whole new use for public floggings for a man that won’t take care of his kids. No, not the one who is somehow hampered and unable, but for those who simply don’t care that there is a life that they brought into this world that needs to be fed, taught and loved. Call it extreme if you want, but a father that can’t be a dad, is just a useless bag of flesh.
So, hats off to all of the good ones, mine included. Thanks for being so much more than just a father, but for being a dad. And, if you have one of those good dads to celebrate with this Sunday, do it up right. Make it a big deal. Do a little something extra for him. You never know if this could be your last chance.
Oh yeah, and while I am at it, thanks to the best dad there is, watching over us all from Heaven, with the purest love ever known. You might should spend some time with him this weekend too.


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