DeKalb police switch to Central Dispatch

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By Kenny Mitchell


The City of DeKalb and the DeKalb Police Department announced today that the city’s police force dispatch service has now transferred to Bowie County Central Dispatch. City residents now, when they call 911 or the police department mainline ay 903-667-2095, will automatically be sent to Bowie County Central Dispatch.

DeKalb’s move to Central Dispatch leaves New Boston as the only Bowie County city using its own dispatch services.

The move is heralded as a long-awaited means to better serve the residents in the City of DeKalb and will provide quicker response times and a more cohesive working relationship with Bowie County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

DPD Chief Shawne Walraven stated, “This is a great move for the city and all of the people we serve day in and day out. Centralizing dispatch not only makes everything flow and integrate us better with BCSO, it will also take off some of the workload of Court Clerk Paula Booth. Paula has done such an amazing job taking care of the dispatching for us for so long, and has gone above and beyond taking care of me and our officers. We really appreciate all she has done for us.”

Booth in return says, “I have enjoyed my service working for the police department and I thank all of the officers for what they do for us out there every day. It has been a privilege to work with them.”

Booth will still handle DeKalb Volunteer Fire Department dispatching along with serving the residents of DeKalb as the Clerk of the Municipal Court with Judge Joni Haldeman.



In the photo, DeKalb Chief of Police Shawne Walraven

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