A Day in the Life--NB Coach Keri Waide

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By Allyson Pebsworth
Staff Reporter

Starting off our new series, “A Day in the Life”, I had the opportunity and privilege to spend a couple hours as one of the area’s most well known coaches, New Boston Coach/Girls Coordinator, Keri Waide.
While her days start earlier, I met with Coach Waide at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 where she spends most of her time, the New Boston High School Gymnasium. Walking into the gym, dressed in my “coach” attire of sweats and a t-shirt, I was ready and excited to see what a day in the life of a high school coach was all about, and I was not disappointed!
Beginning with high school girl’s basketball practice, Coach Waide had players run through different scenarios for offensive and defensive plays, helping individual members and the team as a whole learn and understand how to execute their game.
Students head to class as Coach Waide heads to the locker room to do laundry, then back to the office to deal with athletic purchase orders, schedules, student attendance, parent meetings, etc., and responding to the overwhelming amount of text messages she gets each day that relate to school, students, or sports in some way.
Although my time with Coach Waide ended during her conference period, she would continue on with her day of coaching, interacting with students, and attending ball games before getting home with few hours left in the day. Simply listening to how busy Coach Waide is each day and hearing all the responsibilities she has gave me a much stronger insight into the non-stop world of coaching.
Growing up in the Austin area, she began her career, at only 22 years old, in coaching in Lubbock, Texas at Frenship ISD before transferring to Liberty Eylau in 1999. She stayed in LE until 2006 when she and husband, Andy Waide who currently teaches for Simms ISD, moved to Floresville then Burnet, before beginning her time at New Boston in 2012. She is currently responsible for all the girls in athletics, basketball, softball, track, volleyball, etc., from grades 6 through 12 and somehow still finds time to help other coaches when needed.
Always having a passion for basketball and for kids, and although she started school to become a pediatrician, Waide believes she is in the career that she was always meant to be in. Now in her 20th year of coaching, Coach Waide stated, “The longer I do it, the faster it goes. It doesn’t feel like 20 years, it has just flown by.”
The love Coach Waide has for her position and her “kids” is apparent; when hearing the students interact with her, it is clear that they view her as more than simply a coach on the court. “That’s something that is important to me, they are my kids. I’ve always felt that way...It’s not all great all the time, but I can’t imagine - I mean to find what you are passionate about and then find a way to make a living doing it, I’m really, really, really blessed. God has really shined down his blessing on me.”
Teaching kids not only how to play sports, but also how to be team players, learn humility, and other character traits is an aspect of her position that Coach Waide takes seriously. “Kids are our future, if we are not going to invest in them, then who is? If we are not going to teach them how to be successful, if we’re not going to give them tools to handle conflict appropriately and adversity appropriately, I don’t know who is going to do that. I’m blessed to have an opportunity to do that. I love kids and I love basketball and I’m just blessed to be in New Boston and have the opportunity to not just be able to do it, but be able to do it and make a living doing it.” Being more than just a coach, but a mentor, support system, and someone the kids can look up to and know they are loved is a big part of why Coach Waide does what she does.
Although she has her principal’s certificate, Coach Waide has no plans of giving up her coaching role anytime soon.
Spending just a couple hours in the shadow of Coach Keri Waide was an eye opening experience; I don’t know if this reporter could keep up with spending a full “day in the life”, but in the short time that I did get to spend with her I came to find out how busy a coach can really be, but according to Coach Waide, there isn’t much that can be as rewarding.


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