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The Super Bowl is set!  The Patriots will play the Falcons in Houston on Sunday, February 5th.  The Falcons defeated the Packers 44-21 to punch their ticket.  I don’t think anyone outside of Atlanta expected this outcome, as the game was never that close. I thought this would be the most interesting game of the weekend.  Both teams have outstanding quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan, so I thought it would be a shootout between the two offenses.  I thought that if it was going to be a blow out that the Packers would be the ones coming out with the win. Boy was I wrong.  The Falcons offense just rolled over the Packers Defense to dominate.  The passing game for Atlanta was hitting on all cylinders with Julio Jones having a near record game.  Jones silenced anyone that tried to say that he wasn’t the best wide receiver in the NFL right now.  The Atlanta Defense also had a great game Sunday showing many different fronts and blitzing schemes to keep Rodgers and the Packers Oline guessing.  Rodgers did have a good game when you look at his numbers, but you could see that he was visibly upset in the 4th quarter, which is something you never see from him.  Rodgers has been praised for being calm and cool in game situations, but the pressure was to great and the Atlanta Defense was just to good.
For the last few weeks the “Rodgers Worship” seem to ramp up on the networks as the Packers kept winning.  I even heard ESPN Analyst Trent Dilfer say Rodgers right now might be the greatest QB EVER!  Ok, Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback, he’s one of the greatest in the world, right now.  I think that’s fair, but to say “all time” is crazy.  First, Rodgers has won only one super bowl, and has only been to that one.  He does have a lot of great stats, and that's impressive, but for me, to be considered the greatest you have to win Super bowlS, not just one, but multiple.  The only exception to that I think is Dan Marino.  Marino was an amazing quarterback with the stats and to watch him play.  Rodgers is a great quarterback, but he’s not Dan Marino, and as good as Marino was, I wouldn't put him in the same category as Montana or Brady.  Rodgers is still young and can win many more, and could be put in that category of “greatest of all time” someday, but not today.
The Patriots defeated the Steelers to make the Super Bowl Sunday night, and for the most part it was the same kind of game as the Patriots led the whole game, and never were at any risk to lose it.  When Steelers running back Le’veon Bell was injured in the 2nd quarter it just made the task of beating the Patriots almost impossible.  Antonio Brown, who was the best WR on the field was a total non-factor as the Patriots double teamed him almost all night.  What makes New England so good in these games is how disciplined they are to execute the game plan set by the Patriots coaching staff.  When the Patriots play focused like they did against the Steelers, they are the best team in the NFL.  Also in the game we saw a new Patriot get into the spot light, WR Chris Hogan.  No one was paying him any attention before the game, but he made some incredible plays, didn’t shy away from the immense pressure of the game, and was awesome.  Tom Brady went 32-42 throwing for 340 yards with 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.  That’s a great game by any standard.
I know in the Super Bowl the media will give most of the attention to the offenses of both teams, mainly because that’s where the personalities are, but I feel like the defenses will be the determining factor in whoever wins, and the team that has the most yards rushing will win the super bowl.
Quickly, I want to congratulate Jeff Bagwell and Ivan Rodriguez for making the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I’m a huge Astros fan, and feel like the Bagel selection is long over due.  Many are saying though that both of these two were suspected of being steroid users, so does that mean this opens the door to people like Bonds and Clemons?  Maybe, I hope it doesn’t, but it looks like the writers are becoming more willing to allow them in.  Bob Costas said a rule he would follow is that if you are suspected, but never failed a test then you should be allowed in, but if you failed a steroid test then you should be eliminated from contention.  That sounds like something the other writers will agree with.
Junior High Basketball is almost over.  I’ve enjoyed playing junior high sports the last two years, but I’m working hard right now so that I can be ready as possible for next year.  Go BEARS.
Last Week’s Trivia Question:Which team in the NFL has played in the most Conference championship games in a row? Answer:  The New England Patriots
This Week’s Trivia Question:  In the last 13 years there have been only 5 starting quarterbacks playing on the AFC team in the Super Bowl.  Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Ben Rothlisberger.  Who are the other two?
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