Passing Inspection

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By Connie Pinkham

I have often said that a beauty salon is a nasty place.  It is very difficult to keep clean.  I have seen hair hanging from ceiling tiles.  (…how in the world it gets up there is beyond me.)

Long hairs are not so hard to deal with, but the little tiny pieces of cut hair are next to impossible to completely remove from the floors. (…just ask that man of mine who so vigorously helps me with that kind of thing.)

A few times a year, we have a person from Texas Department of License and Regulations visit us.  That person will check to see if our salon is meeting the requirements of the state. 

I want to abide by the rules.  I don’t understand or agree with all of them, but they are the laws.  While I do try to keep them, it makes all of us nervous when we see that person walk in the door with clipboard in hand.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when it is over and we have passed the inspection.

In John chapter 9, we read where Jesus encountered a man born blind.  People had seen him as blind so long that when Jesus gave him sight, nobody recognized him.  After his encounter with Jesus and the scrutinizing that followed, this man’s faith was tested.   Even his identity was questioned.  They inspected not only Jesus, but the recipient of Jesus’ miraculous gift.  I can just see them walking up with their clipboards. 

This passage is rich with deep teaching and my analogy is very shallow.  Yet it jumps into my reality.  People want to inspect.  There are times when an inspection is legitimate, even necessary.  There are many times when we just jump at a chance to be critical or protect our agenda, inspecting others when we would do well to turn our gaze inward. 

I’m guilty.  As I ache from the criticism and inspection of others, the Holy Spirit points out the same faults within me.  If you are honest with yourself and Him, He may just show you a few of your own. 

Lord Jesus, remind us to leave our clipboards behind.  Give us a heart that extends grace as freely as does Yours.

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